Weird World RPG (Offline)

Weird World RPG is the Mostly Off-line version of KiiDion Legacy One.

The most common complaint about RPG’s these days (early "2k Teens") is that if you (the consumer) doesn't have a constantly available Online Connection then that equals no playable game. Yes, yes, this "discourages piracy" (says the developer), however, it also discourages the interest in anyone playing AT ALL, and what good is a game if no one is interested, let alone able to play it?

(Yes, I do know that a similar argument is used for men and women of the US Armed forces overseas, but they aren't where they are to "play video games", if they think that they are and that "war combat for real is no more than a game to be played" then they probably shouldn't be in combat, or at least realize that in Reality there are no "extra lives".

(rest of page and Weird World RPG currently under construction).