KiiDion RPG Races

Races  to choose from(and their quick summary): Unlike classes (or careers), once chosen by the player, the player characters' race becomes unable to be changed, so do choose carefully when selecting your characters visual representative race (or rather short form "avatar"). Before entering the "game world" however, the player will be given one last final change to make sure that all configurations are correct, understandable, and agreeable before "logging in" to said characters "home port/ town/ city/ whatever". Please note that not everywhere within the game "universe" will be able to be a "home start point" for "everyone" (or even "anyone"). though most civilizations will have an ability to return there once said "avatar"  has been there at least once already.


Human: What we ourselves are. (Short form, confusing to most, alike all over to everywhere).


 Humanoid Elf: Sufficiently land-legged mobile, loves open areas the best, caves the least. Quick agile, stealthy, inherently magical. Able to heal others quickly as well as selves. Very rarely will a "humanoid elf" not be beautiful on the outside (skin deep) as beautiful as they are on the inside (charismatic), but then this part applies to NPCs.

 Faery Elf:  Usually can float along the breeze (even when there is hardly any). If/ when Faery Elves are forced to "walk/ run", they can/ will do so quicker than anything in pursuit. The slight disadvantage to this is a Faery Elf will run into inside walls (of any sort) before the Faery can even see the wall in question. They are born with very high stamina due to this disadvantage, for said "bouncing off the walls" won't kill them right away, but it will wound. Faery Elves prefer extremely open areas due to this.


Fellun: Hybrid Race, "feline + Human = Fellun". Has more in common with felines than humans, tails included (unless, of course, they are a "bobtail"). Felluns hardly ever make good fighters or mages, most preferring to be Thieves due to their natural stealth. Felluns also start off with their own weapons that do not need to be bought, that being (naturally) Cat's Claws.


Blastki: Mechanoid Men (very few women) of humankind's construction. Much more than the class of "android", more like Talos of Rhodes (Ancient Greek Mythology). Blastki can range in height, intelligence, wisdom, bravery, weight, and a lot of other characteristics. Fighting a Blastki with mere flesh are usually poor tactics.